Different Types Of Greyhound Bets

Greyhound racing takes place throughout the year. Some people love to bet on the dogs and try their luck to win money. If you are thinking of betting on the greyhound races, then you should know about the different types of bets you can place.

Win bet

This is the most straightforward bet. You bet on the dog that you think might win the race. Before placing the bet, you need to know about the different breeds of dogs and how they perform.

Place bet

In this type of bet, you will get a dividend when the dog you chose comes first, second or third. The winning amount that you get from this bet is smaller than that of the win bet. But the chance of winning is more here. The winning dividends depend on how many dogs will be running.


This bet has both a winning bet and a place bet. If your chosen dog wins, then you will get paid for the winning and also place bets. If your dog ends up being second or third, then you will only get paid for the place bet.


An exacta is like a quinella, except you have to pick the first two runners in the correct finishing order. For example, if you place an exacta on No.5 and No.8, you would need No.5 to win and No.8 to run second to win.


Here you will pick the first three dogs past the post. The box trifecta allows you to bet on any order. In the stand-out trifecta, you have to select the order in which the dogs will pass the post.

There are many online casino sites where you can bet on greyhound races. You can choose BetTarget free bet and select any type of bet to increase your chance of winning.

The Greats of Greyhound Racing and Poker

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