Activities You Can Do With Dalmatians

Many people love Dalmatians for their unique look. The polka dots on their skin looks beautiful. Sometimes, you will notice a tri-colour variety too. Dalmatians require a lot of activities throughout the day. These activities keep them calm and happy. Here are some activities in which you can involve the Dalmatians.

Walking Treasure

For this fun activity, you need some small toys and treats. The Dalmatian needs to take several walks during the day for this exercise. With this activity, you can turn the daily walks into a treasure hunt.

You should first find out the places to hide the toys and treats but keep them in plain sight. Once the dog gets used to playing with it, you can hide the stuff in places that are more difficult to find. Go near the object and say ‘Find it’, and the dog should be able to find the treasure. You will need some time to teach this command.

Lure course

Dogs have a natural predatory instinct. They go after their prey automatically. You can use a toy as the prey and teach the command ‘chase it’ so that the dog chases the toy. The toy must be lightweight so that it’s easy to grab.

Training time

The training periods are fun for the Dalmatians. They are very intelligent dogs, and you should work on stimulating mental activities so that they don’t feel bored. You should teach them simple commands like ‘sit’, ‘come’, ‘role over’, or ‘stay’.

Apart from these activities, you can take your Dalmatian swimming or jogging. You can also play the game of fetch as the Dalmatians are very energetic. You should always keep the Dalmatians busy; otherwise, they will become mischievous. By exercising and playing with them regularly, you can train them to be well-behaved dogs.

You should shop for small treats and toys for your Dalmatian and incorporate those into the various activities. It can be a great family time playing treasure hunt, fetch, or other games with the Dalmatian. These activities will benefit the pet owners as well, as they will always be on their toes, thus remaining fit and healthy.